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"A Reason to Believe".  Evidence that an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Executive Government and Parliament may lead to better policies and better outcomes for Australia's First Peoples. Guest editorial published in Independent Australia 4 October 2023.








"A Child's Mind" The impact of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.Jan.28th 2021.


"The Thirst That Kills" The corporate hunger for profit at the expense of 

health. Independent Australia. December 2020. 

"A Festive Season Wish". Alcohol in Australia's Top End.Sydney Morning Herald/Sun Herald. 


Justice through the Treaty process. January 26 2018. Sydney. Australia.


"Let Doctors Treat the Sick on Manus Island." On November 22nd 2017 twelve former Australians of the year wrote an open letter to Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

"Where are the Human Rights?" This article was published on Independent Australia  in November  2017

"Clear mind, Strong Body". The impact of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder on infants and the impact of this largely hidden epidemic. Address in Rockhampton October 12 2017 and Sydney Aboriginal DIOCS workers October 17 2017. 

"Enslavement in Australia". Australian South Sea islanders want us to consider the legacy of our own brand of human slavery. September 8th 2017. 

"Listen to the NT Elders." Over 200 prominent Australians support the calls by NT Elders for an end to the Intervention. August 28th 2017. 

"The Mandela Magic". Jeff McMullen travels to South Africa with AIME looking for the young leaders to change our world.

"The Man and the Voice"

 Vale Mark Colvin, the ABC journalist who died today, 11th May 2017.

"The National Hoax."  

ABC Radio Brisbane (Rebecca Levingston) asked Jeff McMullen to discuss why 26th January is not an appropriate day of celebration for Australia Day. His comments were adapted for this short article in The New Matilda on 19th January 2017.


"The Road to a Treaty."
Jeff McMullen published this article in The New Matilda after a discussion on the merits of a Treaty or Treaties with Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. October 24th 2016.


"Custodianship in the 21st Century."
The Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture 2015. Charles Darwin University Aug 6 2015.

Jeff McMullen statement in Redfern and at Canberra's Tent Embassy on rallying Australian resistance to the closure of Aboriginal homelands. 26th January 2015
"Sovereignty - Murrumu Wulubara Yidindji"
Text of an interview with Jeff McMullen at Tent Embassy Canberra January 27th 2015.
Broadcast on Indigenous radio Network.



"Justice for Australia's First Peoples."
Jeff McMullen's text here is the core of an address to Macquarie University's Law Society and other students interested in social justice, political oppression and meaningful reform of Law and Constitution in regard to Australia's First Peoples. 
"The Tyranny of Experts - Challenges and Achievements in First Nations Education."
This paper was presented by Jeff McMullen to Leading Educators Around the Planet gathered in Sydney August 6th 2014 and to Sydney University education students August 18th 2014.
"Born Free in the Lucky Country."
In the final edition of The Tracker magazine Jeff McMullen compares the views of young South Africans and the First Peoples of Australia towards government, politicians and the issues most impacting their lives. 
"East Coast Encounter." 
For a rare Aboriginal view of first contact with the Europeans, Jeff McMullen travels with artists, poets and historians exploring Lt James Cook's encounters in 1770 with Aboriginal people along the Eastern coast of Australia. The four year project climaxes with an exhibition now at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. 
"Sovereign Rights in the 21st Century"  
Jeff McMullen writes for THE TRACKER magazine in January 2014 examining arguments by the First Peoples for sovereignty in Australia.

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