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Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in public speaking and facilitating high profile events. He is regarded as one of the most competent and well spoken communicators and facilitators in Australia.

Jeff's skills as host, facilitator and speaker include:

Chairing conventions and conferences

Master of ceremonies for the nation's leading events

Around the globe audiences have been enthralled by McMullen’s storytelling skills after almost fifty years of world wandering. 

Commanding performances across all mass media include numerous television appearances on leading programs in Australia, the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada, China, France and Japan. International speeches in New York, Chicago, London, Barcelona and Hong Kong have brought stunning reviews.

Public speaking on local and global issues​​

Chairing debates and forums on issues and ideas


One behalf of all the team here, thank you for your exceptional contribution to our Executive Manager Forum. The feedback on your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. The breadth of your experiences, and the depth of the insight you have gained from them (particularly your reflection on the importance of truth, listening and ethics), made a strong impression on all participants. But equally importantly, a large number of our people commented on your humility and your ability to make your experiences with exalted leaders relevant to managers in their day-today jobs and lives. And on top of all that, your ability to speak without notes for 45 minutes provided a master class in presentation skills.

It is clear to me that you gave of yourself in a way that many high profile speakers do not; you created a feeling of intimacy and uniqueness among 300 people through your willingness to listen to our needs and tailor your message, rather than (as in many cases with keynote speakers), a feeling that the audience could have been anyone.
As a result of all these qualities, you opened the day in a way that created a high degree of energy and inspiration, and made the job so much easier for the rest of us. The day overall well exceeded my expectations, and your contribution was a major factor in that.

With sincere thanks,


Ian Narev
Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Jeff McMullen was pure gold! He spoke for an hour without a sdingle note in front of him and was engaging, funny, moving, sad, inspirational, on message, relevant. Can’t quite find all the words to describe him. I do hope you have had the chance to see him in action, he is quite incredible.”


Johanna Ramsay Catania, Australian Leadership Conference Organiser, Canberra, Australia


“Your remarks demonstrated a deep knowledge of the importance of education to individuals and families, and to the communities and nations in which they live.”


Professor Richard Larkins AO, Vice-Chancellor & President Monash University




Dear Jeff, Just a very brief note to thank you for being such a huge part of our conference - you can be assured that you have won hearts and minds and changed lives.  Thank you for your generosity with your time during and at the end of your presentation.

We would very much like you to be involved in future years and we will be in touch as soon as the dust settles on this one.

Janet Sutherland MLM, Program Manager, Australian Leadership Awards: Leadership Development Program, Graduate School of Business, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia

Jeff McMullen chairing Tony Blair's conference, Beyond Sport, in 2010

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