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"The Aboriginal Voice."
In this column for TRACKER Jeff McMullen examines the power of creative Aboriginal expression to shatter "the matrix of control and assimilation."  February 2013.

"A New Democracy.
Jeff McMullen listens to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander voices and priorities on the subject of Constitutional change and recognition of sovereignty. Feature article in TRACKER March 2013.

"The Future of the Family."
Jeff McMullen examines the escalating numbers of Indigenous children removed from their families and the rise in youth suicide across the Top End. Feature article in TRACKER April 2013.

"A Mother's Love."
Bunna Lawrie talks to Jeff McMullen about a song that honours his mother and gives us all words to remember the love our mothers shared with us. TRACKER April 2013.

"Dispossession : Neo-Liberalism and the Struggle for Land and Rights in the 21st Century."
Jeff McMullen chapter in the book, In Black & White - Australians All at the Crossroad, Edited by Rhonda Craven, Anthony Dillon and Nigel Parbury. Available from Publisher Connor Court, Ballarat, Australia 2013


"Home Truths."  
In this July 2013 column for THE TRACKER, Jeff McMullen discusses Ivan Sen's film, Mystery Road, which explores the silence surrounding so many unsolved murders of young Aboriginal women.


"The Return of Jedda."  
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks raises her voice for Australia's First Nations Political Party, paving the way for future representation of the first peoples of Australia. Jeff McMullen August 2013 column in THE TRACKER.
After the 2013 Australian federal election, Jeff McMullen's September column in THE TRACKER MAGAZINE examines the historic pattern of Government policy towards Indigenous Australians and the shift of trust required for real progress.

"A Brighter Blueprint."
In this December 2013 article for The Tracker magazine, Jeff McMullen looks at the progress of the Aboriginal community of Wugularr/Beswick, Northern Territory.
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