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Life Of Extremes

- Journeys and Encounters

For over thirty years, Jeff McMullen has been a prominent feature on the Australian media landscape. First as an ABC foreign correspondent, then as a ′Four Corners′ reporter, and famously as a ′60 Minutes′ stalwart. In that time, he has quite literally gone to the ends of the earth in pursuit of a good story and, more importantly, the truth.

From the breathtaking wilds of the Amazon to the timeless beauty of Antarctica, McMullen has seen more of the world than most people could ever hope to see in ten lifetimes. Such commitment and devotion to his craft has brought him fame and peer respect, but it has also had a great impact on his relationships with family and friends and exposed him to sights and sounds beyond the parameters of everyday life.

A Life of Extremes is a rare book. It spans Jeff′s years as a reporter as he takes us on a fascinating global journey. Both a compelling memoir and gripping travelogue, it is suffused with the sort of compassion, empathy and humanity that only a journalist of McMullen′s experience and calibre can provide.

McMullen’s first book, A LIFE OF EXTREMES – Journeys and Encounters (published by HarperCollins Australia),  quickly became a best seller, selling more than 20,000 copies in its first format.


The acclaimed Australian novelist, Thea Astley described McMullen’s memoir as a "work of perception and reason…beautifully written…compulsive reading."

John Romer, the British archaeologist, author and television history host describes McMullen’s book as “ An authentic twentieth-century saga…this book is a witness to the joys and the cruelty of our modern age.”


A LIFE OF EXTREMES is available as en e-book from HarperCollins Australia and also in audio form narrated by the author for the blind (VOCALEYES PRODUCTIONS at the Royal Blind Society of NSW).

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